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Today safety and automation are priority elements in industrial production .
The technology, the wide selection of models and finishes of Cerrato shutters, allow to create tailor made solutions following high standards of safety and quality. The use of motorization devices and electric components provided with EC certification, complete the shutters installed by us, that is why they are safe and reliable products.


Helical spring traction system which guarantees a huge number of working cycles and also the application of a fall arrest device in compliance with the rule UNI EN 13241-1;
-The end lower component made from reinforced box-section profile, guarantees a perfect adherence to the ground and makes the closing system safer;
- Single body frame made from press-formed sheet, without junction and welding points;
- Microperforation of components allowing decorations or painting of personalized phrases on the shutter curtain.


Roller shutters have always been used for a better protection of basements used for business activities, warehouses and vehicle parking. The uses of resistant materials such as galvanized sheet or stainless steel for the curtain and the wide range of finishes and profiles (insulated, anti-storm, holed), allow us to meet our customers' aesthetic and safety needs. The components of our shutters guarantee a rigid texture of the curtain also for very large width shutters.


Cerrato company guarantees a full service including planning as well as delivery, installation and after sale assistance. The safe delivery of products, which is carried out by the company's means of transport or by carriers entrusted by the company itself, is also guaranteed. As regards the safety of installation, as it is provided by the rules in force (Legisl.Decree 81/08), in agreement with the Customer's Manager of the Safety plan, the Safety Operative Plan (SOP) is drawn up, in compliance with the "Safety and Coordination Plan" and with the correct application of the standard installation procedures.


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