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Consisting of insulated panels being 500 mm high, 40 mm thick made from double smooth, riffled or panelled sheet, being 0.5/0.6 mm.
The panel consists of two metal supports between which a polyurethane rigid high density foam is inserted. Panels are joined by a reliable finger anti-pinch safety joint provided with a longitudinal seal ensuring a perfect coupling.


Fall arrest device against the spring and the side rope breaking in compliance with the rule UNI EN 13241-1;
- Pre-assembled monoblock frame allowing a rapid and accurate installation.
The frame is provided with side guides and already applied traction axles.


Cerrato sectional doors are made of panels assembled in order to guarantee utmost rigidity and compactness. They are meant for resisting weather conditions, any possible intrusion attempts and guarantee an efficient external sound muffling, even if it preserves a high aesthetic value.


Cerrato company guarantees a full service including planning as well as delivery, installation and after sale assistance. The safe delivery of products, which is carried out by the company's means of transport or by carriers entrusted by the company itself, is also guaranteed. As regards the safety of installation, as it is provided by the rules in force (Legisl.Decree 81/08), in agreement with the Customer's Manager of the Safety plan, the Safety Operative Plan (SOP) is drawn up, in compliance with the "Safety and Coordination Plan" and with the correct application of the standard installation procedures.

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