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Practical and robust, Cerrato retractable gates allow an efficient protection and utmost visibility of your business premises. They are suitable also for residential buildings, thanks to the minimum space occupied, they can be easily installed also in already occupied premises. A safe and lasting safety system guarantees a continuous and safe use.


Upper carriages consisting of nylon wheels provided with bearings.
They make gate operation sliding and silent;
-Flexibility of industrial manufacturing allowing the production of tailor made closing systems, with fast delivery;
- Powder painting that allows the personalization of this product
with different finishes and colours and increases resistance to weather conditions.


The use of retractable gates, as supplement to business or residential doors, increases the safety level of properties.
The thickness of the materials used and the lock shelter, provided with Yale or safety cylinder, in a closed and air tight jamb, guarantee anti-intrusion robber proof safety.


Cerrato company guarantees a full service including planning as well as delivery, installation and after sale assistance. The safe delivery of products, which is carried out by the company's means of transport or by carriers entrusted by the company itself, is also guaranteed. As regards the safety of installation, as it is provided by the rules in force (Legisl.Decree 81/08), in agreement with the Customer's Manager of the Safety plan, the Safety Operative Plan (SOP) is drawn up, in compliance with the "Safety and Coordination Plan" and with the correct application of the standard installation procedures.


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