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Cerrato closing systems meet all the criteria and standards of reliability that characterize technologically advanced and guaranteed products: safety, ease of handling, easy opening and closing, minimum space occupied, little maintenance, motorized opening or provision for a future motorization, resistance and duration over time. Cerrato closing systems are produced in full compliance with the rules EN 13241-1:2003 in force and are made with the accuracy and thoroughness of an expertise and a handicraft tradition increasing performances.


Cerrato technology offers advanced solutions for all kinds of closing systems: sliding doors guarantee safety, folding doors are the best closing system meeting any needs, sectional doors and single wall or insulated roller shutters occupy a minimum space, pedestrian doors with one or two leaves are a very good solution for safety exits.


Cerrato production flexibility allows provides tailor made closing systems, it guarantees utmost burglary proof safety and ensures a fast escape way complying with rules in case of fires or other adverse events.


Cerrato company guarantees a full service including planning as well as delivery, installation and after sale assistance. The safe delivery of products, which is carried out by the company's means of transport or by carriers entrusted by the company itself, is also guaranteed. As regards the safety of installation, as it is provided by the rules in force (Legisl.Decree 81/08), in agreement with the Customer's Manager of the Safety plan, the Safety Operative Plan (SOP) is drawn up, in compliance with the "Safety and Coordination Plan" and with the correct application of the standard installation procedures.

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